Krile in Brief

Full Name: Krile/Cara/Kururu Maia/Mayer Baldesion
Age: 14
Height: 154cm/5ft 1in
Weight: 40 kg/6st 4lbs
Birthplace: Bal/Val
Anthology Version Name: Krile Maia Baldesion
ROM Version Name: Cara Mayer Baldesion
Japanese Version Name: Kururu Maia Baldesion


About her Names

ďKrile? What kind of name is that? And where did Cara and Kururu come from?Ē

Krileís original name in Japan was Kururu, back when Final Fantasy V first came out in 1992. When ROMs and emulators first made appearances some years later, no one knew what Kururu would transate to directly. The closest English name they got was Cara, which is actually close, but not right. It wasnít until Final Fantasy Anthology came out when we found out how Kururu really translated, and that was Krile.

Sounds simple, right? Well, not exactly. See, the name Krile may be a extremely close translation of the name Kururu, but it isnít exact, either. Actually, Kururu translated into English is Kurile, not Krile. How do we know this? Thereís a group of islands located between Japan and Russia called Kurile. And the Japanese katakana for Kurile is ku-ru-ru. So, itís safe to say that Square forgot a 'u' in the name Krile when translating the game. But I [Nina] like the name Krile all the same. [Tria - Me too!]

How do you pronounce Krile? A lot of people seem to think itís pronounced 'Kreel'. Nina had pronounced it 'Kuh-ryel', and Trialia, 'Kri-leh'. The correct pronunciation is 'Kuh-rill', with the 'rill' sounding like grill. So now you know!

The name Mayer probably came from the ROM translations, but Maia is Krileís official middle name, in both Japanese and English. Her last name of Baldesion didnít change overseas at all; I [Tria] think the first part of that originates in the Japanese name for her country, Bal.

Krile perhaps has the most variations in her name of any Final Fantasy character to date. You've seen Aeris/Aerith, Terra/Tina, Edward/Gilbert, etc. - well, feast your eyes on Krile/Cara/Kururu Maia/Mayer Baldesion! Another reason which makes Krile such an unique Final Fantasy character, and yet another reason why I [Nina] like her so much.


In Depth

Not much is known about Krileís past...okay, scratch that. We know almost nothing about Krileís past. All we learn is that her parents died when she was very young, so she has been under the care of her grandfather, King Galuf Doe (Baldesion) of Bal/Val. This doesnít necessarily make her a princess, though, as they say Bal has no heir after Galufís death. [Or perhaps this country has an equivalent to Salic Law, preventing female rulers? - Tria]

We do know that Krile has an amazing gift - she has the ability to communicate with, or at least understand, animals. This includes hiryuus (dragons), moogles, and chocobos. We are not told how she got this power, but it all ties in with Krileís past. Maybe her parents had a similar skill, as well? Another part of Krileís history to ponder.

When the party first meets Krile, itís not really her. Itís just an illusion created by Siren, the demoness occupying the ship graveyard. But we get a taste of her appearance and personality. She calls out to Galuf, but he ignores her. Due to his amnesia, he has no clue who Krile is... but in that situation, this was for the best.

Later on, as the party tries to reach Galufís world, they meet Krile again - this time, for real. She quickly runs to Galuf and tells him she missed him. Then, after thanking the others for looking after her grandfather, she and Galuf take off for their world.

Throughout the time when Krile is an NPC (non-playable character), she tries to help out the others as best she can. Using her moogle to collect information and her hiryuu to take her places, she lets her friends know the dangers ahead and whatís sheís feeling.

In one of Krileís biggest moments in the game (the ending being the other), she is told by her moogle that her friends were in trouble, so she races off to Moore Forest, where they all were. [This is the layout image - Tria] When she arrives at the newly-scorched land, she sees Bartz and the others facing Exdeath - and struggling against magical captivity. Krile tries to stop Exdeath from hurting them, but she only succeeds in getting herself caught as well. As Krile, Bartz, Reina, and Faris wither, Galuf, due to extreme anger towards Exdeath on behalf of his friends and his granddaughter, frees himself of the magic barrier. Blind with anger, he charges at Exdeath, attacking him numerous times. Of course, Exdeath fights back as well, but Galuf, no matter how weak heís become, wonít fall in battle. Exdeath finally admits defeat (for the moment) and retreats to his domain.

At this point of the game, Krile experiences true grief. Galuf, too weak and worn out to carry on, dies, despite winning the battle. Cure spells and potions, even in quantity, can do nothing to help revive him. Galuf is gone. Bartz and the two sisters are shocked and saddened by the death of their good friend, but none of them are as upset as Krile, who has lost the only family she had left, her grandfather. She seems too upset to do anything, but hearing the comforting voice of Galufís spirit, Krile makes the decision to take his place as the Prophecy of Earth (or Light, as Krile is also a different person with different powers). So, she joins the Prophecies of Wind, Water, and Fire on their journey, completing the Warriors of Light, the new generation of the Warriors of Dawn.

From then on, Krile is a big help to the team, sometimes even acting as the leader (knowing full well what her fate is). At one point, it looks like the group are going to settle down, but Krile keeps them on their feet and headed towards their goal, though it takes some longer than others to get back into the swing of things, like Reina. Bartz and the two sisters are amazed at how Krile handles different situations, though mourning Galuf slows her down just a little. Krile proves herself a very capable fighter when in battle and, outside battle, mature beyond her years.

It is a long journey for the four warriors, as they face many losses of companions and towns, but they finally make it deep within the Nu (N-Zone) to face Exdeath in one last battle. Bartz leads the team here for the most part, but he isnít the only reason they get so far in their quest. All four of them have their parts. After a long and hard battle with Exdeath and Neo Exdeath, the Warriors of Light finally win the war. The two worlds will merge together peacefully rather than by force, the N-Zone will be no more, and everyone will be at peace... at last.

One year later, Professor Cid, who, along with his grandson Mid, helped the four warriors many times in their struggle to rid the world of Exdeath, receives a letter from Krile. The letter explains what has been going on with the four Warriors of Light since their defeat of Exdeath. Reina and Faris have settled down at Tycoon Castle as princesses (with Faris sneaking off to see her pirate buddies every so often), Bartz continues to wander around the world with his chocobo Boko after a long rest at his hometown of Lix, and Krile has the people of Bal asking her to be their new queen, at which she laughs. The letter then says how much Krile appeciated Cid and Midís help with their journey, and that she hopes she will see them again someday.

Despite her cheerful letter to the Professor, Krile has been feeling depressed and lonely. Riding her Hiryuu back to the freshly blooming Moore Forest, Krile bows her head over the grave in front of the Elder Tree: Galufís grave. She talks to Galuf, telling him that sheís all alone now, without him. But then, out of nowhere, Bartz, Reina and Faris appear at her side. They insist that Krileís not alone, so long as she has her friends. Reminded of this, Krile cheers up a bit, knowing that Bartz and the others are there for her, and will always be. Always.




Rikku (Final Fantasy X/X-2)

Krile Rikku

At first glance, it wouldnít seem that Rikku looks all that much like Krile, only a little bit. In a way, she more resembles Quistis looks-wise. But when I [Nina] saw the image of Rikku up above, l just KNEW she looked like Krile. She even acts like Krile: spunky, young, and not to mention cute. And being only a year apart in age (Rikkuís 15), they both are going through a lot of the same emotions as adolescents. Plus they both have their own different ways of communicating: Rikku speaks Al Bhed and Krile speaks hiryuu and moogle (in a way). Haha, I can just IMAGINE Krile communicating in Al Bhed. Vihho!


Princess Jelanda (Valkyrie Profile)

Princess Jelanda

Heh, I've [Nina] become a big Valkyrie Profile fan as of late, and I of course picked up on the similarities between Krile (especially her CG form) and the bratty princess from Artolia. Krile obviously isn't as pampered or spoiled as Jelanda, but there's definitely a physical resemblance between the two. They're even the same age!


Why Krile?

So youíre asking me why I [Nina] made a shrine to perhaps one of the least known Final Fantasy characters? Well, thereís your answer right there. Krile may not be my favorite Final Fantasy character (Rydia from Final Fantasy IV is), but as my second fave, thatís not bad in my book.

Come on, when you do a search on Final Fantasy shrines to, oh, letís say... Rinoa or Tifa, youíre up to your chins in shrines created to one of the two (donít get me wrong, I like them both a lot). Even Rydia has a couple of shrines dedicated to her (which Iím thankful for). But when you search for Final Fantasy V shrines (thatís not just informational), what do you get? Not much, let me tell you. Character shrines? Donít hold your breath. I did find one shrine to Faris, but thatís it. Even when I searched Japanese sites I found ones dedicated to Faris, Reina, or either Butz/Faris or Butz/Reina. But what about poor Krile? Galuf too, but even he gets more recognition than Krile does.

Now, donít go saying that Krile doesnít deserve a shrine. Itís like saying any of the other Final Fantasy characters donít deserve a shrine. They DO. And as one of the main characters of Final Fantasy V, Krile deserves one as much as any main character of the series.

I also know that Krile is not well-liked... especially at one of the forums I go to. Hmph, I think she makes a fine character, despite what others say. And if anyone's gonna stick up for her, it's me!

So, as one of the bigger fans of Final Fantasy V (if not the Ďbiggestí), itís my duty to create a shrine to the character that I like the most. And thatís Krile. I may not be a whiz with HTML or anything (Iím a lot better than I was, though), but I donít care. Donít judge a book by its cover, I always say.

The result? The first and only Final Fantasy shrine thatís dedicated to Krile Maia Baldesion! Congratulations, girl! You deserve it!

-- Nina, October 2001

I ran my own shrine for Krile for a while, Dragon Princess, for similar reasons - I liked Krile very much, and there were very few shrines to her at that time (~2002-2003). There are still very few. I had to close it after I became very sick, and I have never been well enough to recreate it, so having the chance to adopt Nina's shrine to save it from closing down was something that was a very happy moment for me. I love Krile very much, so I'm happy to run this now. You may notice quite a few notes from me around the shrine! The basic content was created by Nina, but I have edited and added, and the layout is all mine.

-- Trialia, July 2010